Drunk On Running: A Healthy Addiction
Boston Marathon 2014...

My Mission

I have committed to running 2 truly amazing marathon events, back to back. The Boston to Big Sur 2014 marathons are 6 days apart and on 2 coasts. This will be another major challenge for me and my second time competing in this event. Boston will be the event in which I’ll focus on a… Read more »

The latest...

13 weeks until Boston and I’m feeling as if I’m below the curve of where I need to be. I’m putting in the miles, since the weekly volume is low, but the intensity of each run has been below normal for sure. This week, rather than running speed and tempo sessions I ran AE’s instead…. Read more »


Today I decided to ride my mountain bike down to LA Fitness and swim a few laps then ride back home and run a 5k with my son. It has been a while since I’ve done this kind of cross training and it was a refreshing change to the status quo of run, run, and… Read more »




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