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Boston Marathon 2014...

My Mission

I have committed to running 2 truly amazing marathon events, back to back. The Boston to Big Sur 2014 marathons are 6 days apart and on 2 coasts. This will be another major challenge for me and my second time competing in this event. Boston will be the event in which I’ll focus on a… Read more »

The latest...

This course is a killer! Not the best for a BQ. The marine layer burning off around mile 15/16 did not help and I fell apart and had a horrible finish. I was angry at the finish and very disappointed with my race. The 163 hill was brutal this year and it slayed me. I… Read more »


Today I ran my first weekday early morning run. I should probably run in the early clear cold as much as I can just in case Boston goes nasty on me. I felt pretty good. I had some early leg pain but as soon as I hit Washington, which is a fast flat stretch, I… Read more »




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