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Boston Marathon 2014...

My Mission

I have committed to running 2 truly amazing marathon events, back to back. The Boston to Big Sur 2014 marathons are 6 days apart and on 2 coasts. This will be another major challenge for me and my second time competing in this event. Boston will be the event in which I’ll focus on a… Read more »

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This course is a killer! Not the best for a BQ. The marine layer burning off around mile 15/16 did not help and I fell apart and had a horrible finish. I was angry at the finish and very disappointed with my race. The 163 hill was brutal this year and it slayed me. I… Read more »


My first day in Salvador Brasil also coincides with the first day of my 16 week training schedule for Boston. There will certainly be some challenges to developing my endurance, however I’m confident I can maintain my current level. Challenges include staying hydrated and nutrition, not just the mileage. It’s holiday here in Brasil, and… Read more »




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